Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Trip to Virginia

A day begins.....

On Saturday, February 14, Scott and I had dinner plans, but for the day, we just got in the car and drove. We ended up in southern Virginia.

We stopped at a town called Fort Chiswell. It is small, but with a major highway running through it. We stopped to check out an outlet center, which we thought was new, but we realized it is over 20 years old but with many stores closing due to the economy. However, the view was gorgeous, and there was an "interesting" graveyard/cemetery on the hill beside the outlets.

We drove further, to the next town and exit and stopped in Wytheville, (pronounced Withvul.) We explored downtown and enjoyed taking photos of historical sites and unique decor.

In Wytheville, our dinner plans changed when we discovered "Wohlfahrt Haus," a dinner theater. (Click here for more info.) We decided to have dinner here and see the play, "Smoke on the Mountain."

The drive was a day of enjoying sites of the Great Creation, exploring towns close to home but not yet experienced by us, and fun with laughing and always photography!

Click forte and motif to check out my art blog and see some of my more "artist" photos from the day.

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