Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day Trip to Lexington, NC

A Small Town

~with Barbeque
~pig decor

The Candy Factory was one of our first stops on the Main Street area. It is set up like an old general store with a few antiques in the back.

Lexington was not very busy, especially on Saturday.

Many businesses were closed but we were about to sneak a peak of some of the "artistic" pigs in Uptown Lexington.

The town is full of traditions and history.


  1. OKay I see that nice candy factory...now where is my candy? I love the historical looking buildings. The photos were taken really well.

  2. We did not buy very much candy; we are both trying to watch what we eat. Scott got a candy bar that he ate then, and I asked for a pretzel but received a peanut butter and chocolate covered oreo. It was good!

  3. I love that candy store. Its so yummy!!!
    I've been there 2 Times and would love to go again!!!

  4. those are really cool pics!! I love place like this! Once I went to Jefferson ( a small town near Boone, NC) its so cute with antique candy and ice cream shops!! they also have really cute vintage stores that are really awesome!!

  5. omiword! i love that candy store... I love their coffee candies!