Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visiting Relatives in Virginia

Just after Christmas 2009, we visited relatives in the Northern Neck area of Virginia, which is along the northwest coast of Virginia. It is a rural but historical area with coast line, bodies of water, large forest areas, and many old churches. We spent a little time sightseeing but mostly just visiting with family.

The Streets of Kilmarnock, particularly Lee's Restaurant (serving excellent, homestyle cooking)

Uncle Jim, Cousins: Elizabeth, Melvin, Bill, Mindy, Mike

St. John's Episcopal Church of Warsaw

Hanover Baptist Church

Ella, Colin, Scott, Clare, Cindy, Cathy (more cousins) in Westmoreland Park

Chris is helping the kids hunt for fossils in the sand!
The wind was cold coming across the water and between two cliffs.

The Northern Neck of Virginia and general northern Virginia area covers several small towns and communities. For the most part, it is flat; you can see land, water, and forests for miles and miles. George Washington was born in this area, and Robert E Lee lived in this area as a child. It is an area with traditional cultures and dialects reflective of "southern gentlemen and southern belles." For more information on the Northern Neck of Virginia, see our older post here.