Sunday, March 15, 2009

Duke University

On Saturday, March 14, Scott and I took a day trip to Durham, NC,
specifically to visit the campus of Duke University.
(This had nothing to do with the fact that they just won the ACC; of course we could not have known this a day in advance anyway. Read more on the ACC here.) (Note: We are not necessarily Duke fans but in this case NC team fans...)

Duke University,, originated in 1838 and was established by Methodists and Quakers. At this time, "Duke" was known as Union Institute. It went through several changes and transformations over the next few years, and in 1859 became Trinity College. Quakers turned their attention to their own college in Guilford County and Methodists continued to support the institute in Durham. To read more on Duke History,

Much of the West Campus today looks quite traditional with original buildings and architecture, including Perkins Library, our main stop.

Here you can also see views outside of the library.

While Scott visited the special collections section, I spent time photographing the hallway.

The stairs and doorways are quite artistic in their styles and forms.

Finally, the lighting differences between the entry ways and library created an interesting effect for photographing.