Tuesday, February 2, 2010

RJ Reynolds Homestead

Early Fall 2009

Scott and I ventured to Critz, Virginia, not far outside Martinsville, VA and in the Spencer, VA area, to visit the Reynolds Homestead. The Reynolds Homestead was the boyhood home to RJ Reynolds. Richard Joshua Reynolds was born in 1850 to Hardin and Nancy Jane Cox Reynolds. Hardin was a farmer, merchant, banker, and tobacco manufacturer. The homestead, Rock Spring Plantation House, is fully-restored, after being built in 1843 and is considered a state and national landmark. On the grounds, we also saw the family's original brick kitchen, milk house, icehouse, granary, and cemetery. R.J. Reynolds left Critz in 1874 and began his tobacco company in Winston-Salem, NC.

The Reynolds family has been very influential in southern Virginia and northern North Carolina. The family built and donated a school, Nancy Jane Cox Reynolds Elementary School, to the Westfield, NC community in 1923. The school was built on the site of Nancy Jane Cox's homeplace.

The Reynolds Homestead is currently owned by Virginia Tech as a research facility, using the grounds and forest surrounding the house. Click here to visit the Homestead website.

Click here to find out more information about Richard Joshua Reynolds' tobacco company.

Click here to find out more information about Reynolda House, the home of RJ and his wife Katharine, built in 1917, which is now a tourist attraction and art museum in Winston-Salem, NC.

A view of the Left Side

The child's chair folds from a highchair into an upright chair.

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